About Floralsense Creation

Founded in the year 2003, Floralsense Creation started out as a florist shop in Penang, Malaysia. In the beginning, we were only focused on selling flowers in the shop, with a variety of real and artificial flowers in store for our customers. As a local florist in Penang, we also offered some basic services like wrapping, flower arrangement, delivery etc at that time. Due to our high-quality products and efficient service, Floralsense Creation eventually became a household name in the island of Penang.


Our founder, Mr B.H. Lim’s pursuit of the florist industry is due to his passion for flowers, his creative mind and his interest in designs, which eventually led to our diversifying of the business. Soon enough, we became engaged in wedding flower decorations and further participated in the event industry by working as a wedding event planner. Our professional experience in the florist industry gave us the opportunity be actively involved in wedding flower decorations and as a wedding event planner under the name of Floralsense Weddings & Events. At present, our unique customised service and creative design ideas are some of the factors that keep our clients satisfied.


Floralsense has even branched out to establishing our own academy where we provide wedding planner courses to anyone who wants to learn more about this industry. With the combined expertise of more than 20 years in the florist and wedding industry, this programme aims to provide knowledge to help make your wedding business a reality. The tutors at Floralsense Academy will be helping you along the journey so that you’ll be able to achieve your goal. At the end of this course, you’ll be sure to gain a lot of insights and skills that are relevant for your future career in this field.


With a mission to be the best florist and event planner in Penang, we will continue to offer exceptional services to all our clients as long as we can.


Our Core Value

Unique Customised Service

At Floralsense, we realise that each individual client has different dreams and desires. That is why we listen to your innermost desires and aim to fulfill them with perfection. What you will get is our unique individually customised and personalised attention towards that end.

Creative Design Ideas

Our design team is highly creative and innovative. Rest assured that what we deliver will be far beyond mundane. We pride ourselves on delivering the spectacular that will leave your guests in awe at the imaginative, creative and visual feast.

Excellent Customer Service

Our service is highly personalised to please the client. Consultation is the key to our success. We listen, advise, discuss and deliver what we promise on time. And what we deliver is par excellence for we prize attention to details.

One-stop Wedding Center

For your convenience and to ensure your preparation is hassle-free, Floralsense Creation has evolved into a One-stop Wedding Centre. You will not need to rush from vendorcto vendor; everything is in our hands to make your wedding the dream that you dreamed of.